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Poultry Feed Supplement

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Combination of enzymes and vitamins

Price: 1410 INR

Enzymax C is for improving immunity of poultry, especially for repairing system. Also can be used to increase immunity of poultry against respiratory disease caused by virus, IBD influenza and Newcastle disease.

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Price: 170 INR

Vitamix, an essential multivitamin supplement with trace mineral for poultry that helps in achieving better health and growth to the body. It is a combination of vital vitamins like A, D3, B1, B12,C, E, K3 and trace minerals.

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Vitamin C 30%

Price: 500 INR

VITAMIN C 30% (Animal feed supplement) COMPOSITION: Vitamin C - 300mg Exp.qsq - 1000g INDICATIONS: - Treatment of diseases by respiratory and digestive tract in cattle and poultry. - Treating depression, epistaxis, blood damage, high fever, infection. - Improving the resistance of diseases caused by viruses, the stress associated with transport case, the weather change, grafting pack, changing food, poisoning or animal fostering after recovering from illness.