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Human Vaccines
Human Vaccine is given for boosting the immune system so that the body can fight against contagious bacterias, microorganisms and viruses that can cause harmful diseases such as chicken pox, cholera, plague, influenza etc.
Animal Vaccine
Animal Vaccine is formulated for making the body of animals immune to various disease like rabies, sheep pox, foot and mouth diseases. It prevents the microorganisms from entering in the body and keeps the animals healthy.
Enzymes are proteins that are required by the body to function in a proper manner. These are helpful in improving the metabolism and digestive system. Used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
Poultry Vaccines
Poultry Vaccines are developed especially for birds in order to prevent dangerous diseases. These are administered via drinking water and aerosol sprays. Our offered vaccinations play a vital role in boosting immunity.
Pharmaceutical Drugs
Pharmaceutical Drugs are used for treating the bites and stings of snakes, scorpions, spiders etc. These are tested on various parameters for assuring their longevity as well as quality.
Extract Capsule
Extract Capsules are formulated from the natural extracts of different ingredients such as fenugreek, spirulina, flaxseed oil etc. These are consumed during pregnancy and also for increased breastfeeding.
Animal Feed Supplement
Animal Feed Supplements offered by us are recommended to treat several ailments in cattle. Advanced formulation of these supplements is effective in treating bovine mastitis caused by infection of microorganisms. Provided supplements are beneficial for improving milk yielding rate in cattle.
Neutraceutical Syrups
Dietary Supplements offered by us are known for their long lasting result. Approved by FSSAI/GMP/ISO, these products are recommended as reliable source of protein during pregnancy. These supplements contain 0.912 kcal energy and 0.148 gram carbohydrate.
Anti Cancer Injection
This array of Anti Cancer Injections is prescribed to treat cancer of stomach, bladder, breast, ovaries etc. Special formulation of these drugs effectively prevents proliferation of cancer affected cells. Some versions of these injections belong to anti microtubule agents group of medicines.
This range of Droplets contains sorbitol, glycerin, vitamin D3 etc. These are recommended as suitable enzyme supplements for lactose intolerant persons. These are effective in improving immunity function and in strengthening muscles. These are also beneficial for raising calcium absorption capacity of human body.
Specimen Collection
This range of Medical Devices is used to collect pathological specimens. Swabs of these products are used for collection of sample from nose and throat. These are offered in 100% pure form and these are suitable for patients of different age groups.

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